About India Process Server

About India Process Server

process service in delhiIf an individual or any organization or business entity initiates legal action against any of the party, the law states to serve or provide a copy of the documents. It should have all the necessary information about the matter and the litigation. The process of serving those documents to the other party is known as process service. The legal documents can be served to the party at any place but in a lawful manner and while adhering all the rules and regulations of serving of processes. It is best to hire a process services company to serve the legal documents to avoid violation of any rule or regulation.

The firm Indian Process Servers (IPS) provides process services in India. The service can be related to any type of legal documents like complaints, petitions, divorce papers, and subpoena. The company is known to provide a world-class service at a reasonable and affordable fee.

The process servers appointed by the company are well trained to face and handle every type of situation which may be faced by them. The company also takes mock drills from time to time to let the servers experience the latest problems which they may get to face in a real world. While serving the legal documents as the legal matters are very important and very sensitive in nature so they should be handled with care. The parties involved in the dispute or any other legal matter cannot afford any compromise related to the case.

Our Indian process servers provided by the company can deliver the documents on time, without any delay. Our process server’s help in serving the documents in a very cost-effective manner and most of the clients of the company are satisfied with the service. The interest, satisfaction, and comfort of the clients are the company’s topmost priority and it also keeps trying to increase the satisfaction level of the clients, so the service provided to them is best in every way. The documentation created by the firm is also done in a very professional way and timely manner.

All the laws not only of India, but foreign jurisdiction are well respected and adhered while conducting service of process in India. So, all the laws and rules are considered while serving processes in the foreign nation and rules which are followed by the courts before which the case has been registered. Along with that, the local laws of India are also taken care of. So that they are not violated while serving processes or legal documents out of the country. The employees are also trained to follow professionalism in their behavior also.

The legal documents can be served to a party as per the address provided by the client whether it is an office address or residential address. The company can serve the documents to both, individuals and business entities.

Process Service in India to Individuals or Business Entities

When the legal documents have to be delivered to an individual, it is more preferred that they should be delivered to the respondent or defendant of the party. In many cases, defendants refuse to accept the documents. In those cases, documents are left on the ground in front of the respondent and they are informed about what the documents are about. This kind of process service is acceptable in most of the jurisdictions. In the case of business entities, the documents are handed over to the legal representative, director or owner only. As, they can only receive the documents on behalf of the enterprise.

When the legal documents are served to a respondent/defendant/legal representative of an individual or business entity, a validated and duly authorized Affidavit of Service will be provided to the client. This can be presented in the court as a proof that the other defendant of the other party had received all the necessary documents and all the necessary information was informed to him/her. The affidavit contains all the details of the process server, place, mode of serving, time and the day on which the process was served and other relevant information. The affidavit is provided before the court hearing or as soon as it is made.

Personal Process Service in India

Indian Process Servers (IPS) is a private enterprise and also provides personal process services. This method is the most frequently used one and the most useful as it is very helpful in the types of cases in which the defendant is not going to appear before the court to represent the party. The company Indian Process Servers provides services to serve any type of legal document to the defendant, whether he/she is working or living in any region or place in India.

When the documents are received by the company, firstly the matter is understood and then the best-suited process server is allocated to the case to serve the documents. The best process server is allocated after considering all the important and relevant facts about the case and the types of people involved in the matter.

With the help of this method and service, the company is able to provide the highest success rate for the service provided throughout the country.

Hague Convention Service of Process

India is one of the signatories of the Hague Convention. If the country to which the documents have to be served is also a signatory of Hague Convention, then, in that case, all the provisions, policies, rules and regulations have to be followed according to the agreement. The disadvantage of the Hague Convention is that the process of serving documents becomes very time-consuming. Any private process servers don’t have any type of direct role in the serving of processes in the cases which are done through the Hague Convention. But in some of the cases, the company can help in the expedition of the process of serving the legal documents.

Wide and Strong Network

We have a very wide network throughout the country and process servers of most of the regions of the country and professionals in many types of cases are connected with the company. The advantage of the wide network is that the local process server can easily deliver the legal documents in the region in which they belong to and if the party has shifted to another place. The server can easily find their current address through the neighbors by talking to them in their local language which can help in easy extraction of details.

The company’s process servers in India can serve any type of legal documents. The services provided are given below but are not limited to:

Skip Tracing of Defendants

This is a kind of service provided by us which is used when the parties to which the legal documents have to be served are nowhere to be found.
The company has its own skip tracers in India and the process servers are also trained to find the latest address of the party if they don’t live at the previous address. The process servers enquire the nearby people and find out the current address of the party where they live and deliver the documents to them. If they don’t live in the same city or region, the local server of that region will be allocated with the case to serve the document.

Reasons to Choose Indian Process Servers (IPS)

Indian Process Servers (IPS) is an enterprise which has well-experienced and trained process server in India. The company helps in serving any type of legal document throughout the country. Client satisfaction is our top-most priority. The services provided are the most affordable and convenient in India. If the documents have to be served outside the city/region, it can be done without any extra cost as we have a very wide network of process servers throughout the country. Every service is supervised by an experienced lawyer so that if there is any chance of mishappening, it can be resolved in advance. Please email us at [email protected] to know more about our process services in India.