Serving Subpoena

Serving Subpoena in India

process serving of subpoena in delhiThe process of subpoena is issued in the matters which are pending before the court. Under this a person is given direction to appear before the court at a particular time. The subpoena is issued to the party and he is needed to testify in front of the court to bring documents or any other objects which are tangible in the legal proceedings. In India, there is a strong network of process servers, which assures good service for these:

The Indian process servers is a type of process serving division of Greves Protection Management Private Limited India which only manages with the services of process in all over India. We are well versed with process services and have expertise in service of process in India. It is linked with the servers of process who own first hand training in the process serving of all types of legal papers or documents of judiciary anywhere in India. In addition to this, the experience and the accessibility of locations, the servers are capable to serve the documents to the good hands even there is no confirmation of address.

As per the demands of the case, the other divisions of GREVESGROUP such as Skip tracing and departments of verification are linking their hands with the process of India servers to offer the clients. We serve all types of documents in all over India which includes all the major and minor cities. The memberships and collaborations with several associations are assuring the more reliable to the services such as organizations USA, NAAPS, and ITA etc.

How a subpoena issued?

It is a type of legal document which is issued by the court after getting the request of a party to any case. It forces a person to bring documents or provide evidence or proof at the time of hearing or trial.

What happens when you get a subpoena?

When you have to go to the court and you did not go, then the judge can charge the contempt of court and can issue a warrant for the arrest. When you are going to the court then it is necessary to bring the subpoena, including the other documents that are mentioned under it or that the police and lawyers have said to bring in the court.

What is the purpose of a subpoena?

It is a type of writ which is issued by an agency of the government, mostly the court which compels the testimony through a witness or bringing of proof in the case of failure of penalty.

Can anyone be subpoenaed?

The subpoenas are used in both the civil and criminal cases. It can be given to any person which can become helpful information related to the case. It can be testimony or evidence and documents. If any person gets a subpoena and there is no desire to testify or turn over the documents then do not ignore it.

What if a subpoena is not served?

The subpoena cannot be left on the door or mailbox. If it is not given legally on the witness or victim then there is no legal binding order of the person to appear before the court. In addition to this, there is no power of contempt in the premises of the court. Please email us at [email protected] to know more about our process services in India.