Serving Legal or Personal Documents

Serving Legal Papers in India

The company Indian Process Services (IPS) deeply understands the sensitivity and importance of the legal matters a person faces. So, the servers appointed by the company are well trained and experienced to take utmost care of the situations and handle them with professionalism and seriousness. A legal practitioner is also supervising the servers all the time so there is no chance of any mistake or mishappening.

The process servers who get appointed for the task are well briefed about the case and upcoming situations before they visit the residence or place of the respondent(s) for serving legal papers in India.

The company has a very strong and wide network of process servers throughout the different parts of the country for serving documents in India.

Services Provided by Indian Process Servers (IPS)

process serving of documents in delhiIndia is referred to as a multi-cultural country, in different parts of the country, different languages are spoken, and different cultures are followed. So, to ensure there is no misunderstanding, the local servers from the respondent's place are preferred because they can deal with them better according to their culture and language, ensuring proper coordination and communication in their local language.

If the party to whom the documents are to be served have shifted or relocated, with the help of the company’s wide network of process servers, the current address of the party can be found easily because the local servers of the region can easily find them by communicating and enquiring with the people living nearby the previous address of the party.

The company provides many services for serving legal documents in India of almost all the types, like divorce paper, complaints, summon, petitions, subpoenas, and other types of services are also available. Serving legal documents in India can be done on companies, as well as individuals or a group.

The service provided by the company are much quicker, of better quality, and with a reasonable fee as compared to other process servers in the country providing services of serving legal documents in India.

The satisfaction and convenience of the clients is the company’s utmost priority. The tasks and the documents served and all the other services provided are ensured to be conducted in a convenient and smooth manner.

Hague Convention Service of Process

India is one of the signatories of the Hague Convention Act, so all the provisions are applied in the service of the processes if the other country to which the process service is being performed is also a signatory of Hague Convention Act. This makes the process of serving legal documents a very time-consuming process as compared to the serving the documents personally to the other party. The private servers based abroad or in India do not directly come under Hague convention in serving the legal documents performed through Hague Convention. But in some of the cases, the company can help in accelerating or fasten the process of serving legal papers.

Indian Process Servers (IPS) provide services of serving legal documents in India with the help of its wide network throughout the country. The servers are well trained and experienced to handle every type of situation. The services provided are much quicker and with a reasonable fee as compared to other process servers in the country. Please email us at [email protected] to know more about our process services in India.