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Skip Tracing Services in India

skip tracing in indiaSkip tracing is a process used to find a fugitive who is not present at the place of their residence for a prolonged period of time. The “skip” is the fugitive/person on the run who is trying to be found and tracing is the art of locating and knowing the whereabouts of that person. The process is mostly performed and used by professionals such as bounty hunters, debt collectors, news journalists and even prosecutors. The experts of skip tracing are called skip tracers and either work as individuals or as part of a firm or agency. Many of them work as freelancers too, offering their services to whomsoever pays the asked price.

Skip tracing in India involves collecting and resurfacing data about the person in question. Information can be recovered by the skip tracer or by the help of law agencies. This purely depends on the services of the tracer. In most cases though, it is up to the skip tracer in India to collect all necessary information about the individual required to know of his whereabouts. The data collection part involves processes such as accessing the individual’s phone directory or call history, credit card usages, utility bills, air travel history, applications for jobs, etc.

The process of India skip tracing is often confused with bounty hunting. This is because many bounty and/or bail hunters use skip tracers to find their targets. Due to similar work platforms and scenarios, the two practices are often mistaken for the other. However, skip tracing is in fact a lot like detective work as it works in the same processes such as searching various databases, knowing where to search and what to search for and closely following a strong lead.

One can become a skip tracer without any prior formal training pertaining particularly to that aspect, that is, skip tracing. However, to begin a career as a skip tracer in India, one needs to inform oneself about various federal laws of their respective countries and be completely thorough with them. They must know all about these laws, especially surveillance and privacy laws, as these play a major role and draw the line between legal and illegal while collecting data.

Even though skip tracing is more than often used to find fugitives or debt defaulters, it can also be used to find individuals who have gone missing voluntarily or to find any person who does not want to be found. Such a case happened in New York when a young troubled teen had escaped his house and gone missing. He was fortunately found safe and sound with the help of a group of expert skip tracers.

The Indian market has seen a new rise in services providing Indian skip tracers. One such service provider is the company known as Indian Process Servers or the IPS. Skip Tracing India is a branch of the GREVESGROUP® that operates in India. It is an organization that provides their clients with experts who have firsthand experience in skip tracing and many other processes. The Indian Process Servers (IPS) has legal documentation rights in all the twenty-nine states in India. They also provide their services to the seven union territories in the country.

The team involved with the Process serving agency deals in a quite incognito and secretive manner so as to not reveal private information. Thus, the Indian market too has services like these that are used by various types of people- from debt collectors and prosecutors to even families looking for their children who have run away. The company also has business ventures and collaborations with various other big corporations such as the International Trademark Association and the National Association of Professional Process Servers. Please email us at [email protected] to know more about our process services in India.