Serving Divorce Papers

Serving Divorce Papers in India

process serving of divorce papers in delhiIn the case of petitions filed for divorce, the copy of the petition must be represented in front of the spouse to inform him/her concerning the action started before the court. The copy of the petition tells the party and provides information about the reasons and important information for divorce together with all the other important information which the other person needs to know.

There are lots of emotions involved in divorce cases and along with a couple, their families are also involved. The Indian Process Servers handle these cases with maturity and try to prevent any type of mishaps. The experience of Indian Process Servers makes the case move forward smoothly and handles everything very carefully.

Our process servers are well experienced and trained to handle troublesome and most difficult situations with ease. Every case is handled with perfection and a customized strategy is made for every person accordingly which leads to successful completion and closure.

There are some cases when a person’s spouse is not cooperative and is not accepting the divorce. In these types of cases, all the necessary documents will be handover to left in front of them. Ideally, the documents should be handed over to a person who is whether a close family member of him/her or is very closely related or lives in the same house and is called substituted service. It is acceptable in most of the jurisdictions. We provide a notarized affidavit of service which says that the documents are successfully handed over to the spouse or his/her close relative will be provided to the petitioner.

This is how the process of serving divorce papers in India is done.

Serving Child Custody Papers in India

When a couple decides to take a divorce, after the divorce the question arises that who will take the custody of the child and can take care of him/her better.

Like divorce papers, serving child custody papers in India is also a similar process. Firstly, the petition is filled and the ex-spouse is informed about all the relevant facts and information related to the petition. Documents are handed over to the ex-spouse and if they are not ready to accept or disagree, the documents are left in front of them or handed over.

Indian Process Servers (IPS) are also well experienced, updated with new laws, and trained with child custody cases and can provide services from the beginning to the end with the highest success rate.

Indian Process Servers (IPS) helps in serving divorce papers and child custody papers in India and is well equipped with training and experience to tackle every type of situation.

Divorce papers and child custody papers are served to the spouse of the petitioner and if they don’t accept the documents, then the documents are handed over to a close relative or left in front of them. This is acceptable in most of the jurisdiction.

The company provides services with the highest success rate. Please email us at [email protected] to know more about our process services in India.